Test Report

Start: 2018-09-21 04:17:31
49 tests -- 47 passed / 0 failed / 2 pending
pickpick root or dynamicpassed in 0.005s
picka bunch of scenariospassed in 0.043s
pickpick /*passed in 0.003s
pickpick return valuepassed in 0.001s
picksplat return valuepassed in 0s
pickdynamic segments + splat return valuepassed in 0.001s
pickquery stringspassed in 0s
matchworkspassed in 0s
resolveworks with a / basepassed in 0.001s
resolvea bunch of stuffpassed in 0.002s
insertParamsworkspassed in 0s
smoke testsrenders the root component at "/"passed in 0.016s
smoke testsrenders at a pathpassed in 0.002s
Router childrenignores falsey chidlrenpassed in 0.001s
passed propsparses dynamic segments and passes to componentspassed in 0.001s
passed propspasses the matched URI to the componentpassed in 0.001s
passed propsshadows params in nested pathspassed in 0.001s
passed propsparses multiple params when nestedpassed in 0.002s
route ranking/passed in 0.001s
route ranking/groupspassed in 0.001s
route ranking/groups/123passed in 0.001s
route ranking/groups/minepassed in 0.001s
route ranking/groups/123/userspassed in 0.001s
route ranking/groups/mine/userspassed in 0.001s
route ranking/groups/123/users/456passed in 0.001s
route ranking/groups/123/users/mepassed in 0.001s
route ranking/groups/123/users/a/bunch/of/junkpassed in 0.001s
route ranking/groups/mine/users/mepassed in 0.001s
route ranking/one/two/three/four/fivepassed in 0.001s
nested renderingrenders a nested pathpassed in 0.001s
nested renderingrenders a really nested pathpassed in 0.001s
nested renderingrenders at a path with nested pathspassed in 0.001s
nested renderingrenders a child 'index' nested pathpassed in 0.001s
nested renderingyo dawgpassed in 0.002s
nested renderingyo dawg againpassed in 0.001s
nested renderingmatches multiple nested / down to a child with a pathpassed in 0.001s
disrespecthas complete disrespect for leading and trailing slashespassed in 0.002s
linksaccepts an innerRef proppassed in 0.018s
linksforwards refspassed in 0.001s
linksrenders links with relative hrefspassed in 0.002s
linksuses the right href in multiple root pathspassed in 0.002s
transitionstransitions pagespassed in 0.004s
transitionskeeps the stack right on interrupted transitionspassed in 0.003s
relative navigate propnavigates relativepassed in 0.003s
relative navigate propnavigates relativepassed in 0s
nested routersallows arbitrary Router nesting through contextpassed in 0.001s
Matchmatches a pathpassed in 0.001s